Pestacio Store photo

Pestacio’s purpose is to provide families and communities with natural healthy snacks and foods (free of chemicals and preservatives) in a pure format as our parents, grand-parents and grand-grand-parents enjoyed.

From farming to roasting to eating, we have been nuts about nuts for generations!  Here at Team Pestacio, we were raised eating nuts, seeds and dried fruit daily and are thankful for all the health benefits they provided the body and mind.   One taste is all you need to notice the superior flavour of our local dry roasted nuts compared to what is offered at conventional stores.   Allow yourself to be delighted with our fresh roasted nuts, delectable organic dried fruit, soothing teas, local and international delicacies and so much more. Quality and freshness are what sets us apart.  Tasting is believing!

Our Commitment:  Every product we sell goes through our quality control to ensure it meets our high standards of taste and freshness.  We buy in small quantities on weekly basis to keep products fresh.  All our nutritional nuts are dry roasted prior to being replenished, to ensure the health benefits are preserved.

When selecting the foods we bring to the store, great care and attention to details (such as nutrients, ingredients and purity) are carefully considered.  We collaborate and consult with Holistic Nutritionists to bring nutritionally dense healthy foods and food products to you.  Always seeking out the latest health foods from local vendors and around the world, you will often find new exciting products at our store before they become the new “it” food or before it becomes mainstream in the Canadian market.

This partnership with Holistic Nutritionists ensures we pass on food that supports a healthy immune system, your first defense against dis-ease in the body, as most North Americans are overfed, but undernutrified.  We play our part to promote health and wellness through our pure foods that are free of chemical and synthetic ingredients.  Thank your body for all the hard work it does for you day in and out, by supporting it with nutritious foods; and remember:  Health is Wealth!

We feel proud that our products are making an impact in people’s lives.  Some of the positive health benefits enjoyed including weight control, lowered cholesterol, diabetes, digestive health and heart disease prevention.  Many customers have introduced friends and family to better healthy options, including exposing children to wiser snacking at a young age.

We don’t believe in supplements or subsites to the goodness that RAW NATURE provides.

We are not just selling “this stuff” or “a product”.  We believe in this food.  We were raised on this food.  We feed ourselves and our families this food!