Organic dried fruits, nuts & International Delicacies

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3322 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M4N 2M4. Tel: 647.748.5322

Our Local Brands:




Nomz (Energy Bites)






GreenHouse (Cold Press Juices)




Lemon Lily


Lemon Lily (Organic Teas)




Healthy Crunch


Healthy Crunch (Kale Chips)




The Chufa Co


The Chufa Co. (Tigernut Milks)




Grinning Face


Grinning Face (Dairy & Nut Free Vegan Gelato)




Vams Culture (resized)


Vams Culture (Kombucha Tea)






Chocosol (Chocolate Bars & Coffee)




Giddy Yoyo


Giddy Yoyo (Chocolate Bars)


jk grain-free gourmet (Grain-free Bars)

Galerie au Chocolat (Chocolate Bars)

Manuka Honey (Chocolate Bars)

Ecoideas (Superfoods – Cacao, Baobab)

GoBIO (Vegan Gummi Bears)

Prana (Vegan Chocolate Bark)